Bad habits I learned as a flight attendant...

  • drinking diet coke instead of coffee at 7am...I drink ALOT of soda, I mean ALOT! I try to minimize the damage to my body by drinking "natural" sodas like Hansen's brand, but I am up to a 6pack a week soda drinking habit.
  • last in, last out...I take my time in the airport, stopping at duty free, reading gossip rags, having a nosh because those who queue up to be first onto the plane inevitably just sit there until slow pokes like me make it on board.
  • my bag will fit in the overhead bin...I will make it fit! I never check a bag; not because it costs 1/3 of the price of the flight these days but because I've seen the way baggage handlers "handle" bags and I'd like all of my undies to arrive without having been fondled or spilled onto the runway...thank you very much! If you do have to check a bag take my advice...don't rush off the plane when it lands. I know last thing you want to do is sit on the plane any longer than you have to, but when you land that's exactly what you should do. If you are on the aisle let the middle and window know you're going to wait in your seat so they can get past you if they want to get off; then just sit there...check the seat back pocket and the floor under the seat in front of you just in case you're bag has spilled any of your belongings, finish up your sudoku, whatever just make sure you are the last to get off. This way when you get to the baggage claim you won't have to wait for your bag or push past a crowd of people to get to it. Genius right!
  • don't bother buying the following magazines: Us Weekly, Star, Life&Style, In Touch...if you don't kill time reading them at the newsstand while everyone else is boarding you can grab them out of the seat back pockets on your way off the plane...people never throw them away when the flight attendants ask them to hand over any reading materials they won't be taking with them (passengers are hard headed like that) and they always stuff them in the seat back pocket on their way off the plane...its like the super market check out stands except all the magazines are free!
  • always dress up for a flight, you never know who you'll run into...your last boyfriend, your next boss; look the part jet-setter!

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