What I Wore: tip to toe!

Monday January 11th, 2010
to run errands left neglected during my vacation
(bath for the dog, laundry, bill paying, banking, grocery store, etc)

Gratuitous doggie photos:
"The Brad" got seriously dirty during our vacation. It was his second east coast winter and his first blizzard; needless to say he dragged his Westie skirt through dirt, snow, and who knows what else so I had the folks at K9Loft chop it all off. Don't worry I let him play in their awesome dog daycare to make it up to him. I wish I could have taken a photo of him seeing the reflection of his new haircut in the mirror...his expression was priceless!



  • glasses: Personal Style Optical
  • sweater: Paul & Joe for Target
  • tank: Lush from Paperdoll on Melrose
  • jeans: vintage skinny Levis
  • bag: vintage Coach
  • booties: Nine West purchased for this night out

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