Viva la Spring Break

What I Wore: tip to toe
...on vacation in Cancun, Mexico!!!

Day One 2/24
I'm on vaca...Spring Break to be exact. I don't remember why I didn't go on Spring break with my Delta Zeta sorority sisters when I was actually IN college, but now that I'm almost 30 I figure I only have a few more years to "git er done" so here I am...Mexico!

I should really read a book, but maybe mom was right my choice beach reads are not exactly escapist material. I packed a diet book , SELF magazine, and the autobiography of Candy Spelling, which is unintentionally hilarious and perfectly frivolous; and if I have trouble sleeping I can always do my GMAT quantitative work.

ps- I wore this Club Monaco skirt as a dress over my monokino to the airport, because I wanted to be on vacation as soon as I stepped on the plane, but that backfired when I got patted down by TSA and they accidentally slid the top of my dress down. I know I'm on Spring Break, but its a bit early in the morning for flashing!

Day Two 2/25

Second day in paradise and I'm already the Ugly American annoyed because I've run out of edible things in my suitcase. Based on photos on the website I thought the room would have a microwave and minifridge, instead we were upgraded to an Ocean view room. Is it ridic that I'd rather look at the courtyard if i meant I could do it while eating top ramen?!?

The sun came out and I'm wearing a crochet coverup from Madewell to celebrate. We are going out to the clubs tonight and its been so windy that later I'm pairing a kimono mini dress with Sperrys and a blazer.

Headed out to the beach to check on the prima (that's spanish for cousin...look i'm learning!) before she bakes in the sun...also will be requesting some hot water from the beach bar for my noodles.
ps- Got the front desk to send us up a coffee maker...which i remembered from my flight attendant days works in a pinch when making instant noodles. Also got caught "borrowing" a metal fork from the hotel restaurant...I was given a stern talking to and a bag full of plastic utensils.

Day Three 2/26

Up uber early (aren't you supposed to sleep-in everyday on vaca?) for a bus tour of the ruins of the Mayan pyramid in Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world. The tour was very informative, my favorite quote from the very cute tourguide: "[The Mayans] didn't use Google or the internet- they just watched the sky"

Day Four 2/27

While watching TV, which I tried to give up for Lent but failed, I noticed a former classmate's name in the credits. It made me wonder about my career, what do I want to be known for professionally? Honestly I love my job, mostly because it has allowed me to surprise myself at how good I am at it, but I made a promise to myself a few years ago to strive for upward mobility. My goal is to figure out how to make this job a side hustle and focus on something more ambitious. In the meantime I'M ON A BOAT!!!

Day 5 2/28

Tomorrow is my last day on vacation and when I get back I'll be spending my last month in Los Angeles; I'm moving back to my hometown of Washington DC this summer. When I first moved to California it was supposed to be for one year, but after that year I didn't have a better plan so I stayed. I wasn't ready to leave- there was something more I needed to accomplish. And now that I'm headed home I can reflect on how far I've come and how much i've done. It's been a great run, but I'M READY...

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