Celebrity Gossip: Couple Alert

Holy Reality Star Mashup!
by Brea Ellis

Angela Simmons, star of MTV's "Daddy's Girls", is linked to fellow reality star Rob Kardashian. Simmons is the daughter of 80's rapper turned reverend Joseph Simmons,who has close to 1 million followers on Twitter; Kardashian is the youngest child of O.J. Simpson lawyer the late Robert Kardashian.

These two have already been featured on reality TV so perhaps their relationship will survive the Reality Romance curse that has befallen such stars as Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro, and most recently Jon and Kate Gosselin. Good luck young lovers!

photo credit: hadnews.com

photo credit: famelifestyle.blogspot.com


  1. is he really over adrienne? when did you change over to blogger?

  2. I'm not sure that Rob Kardashian will ever truly be "over" his Cheetah girl crush ; )

    I blogged what I wore for an entire year over at tumblr and now I've moved over to Blogspot!



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