Doggie Dish: Dog Park Review

Wheaton Regional dog park
2000 Shorefield Rd, Wheaton MD 20902
(parking at Orebaugh & Arcola Ave)

There is a major shortage of dog parks in Washington DC; I'm getting down and dirty with the doggies to review DC's Dog Parks! by Brea Ellis
On a very hot day around 3pm you can expect around two other dogs at Wheaton regional dog park .
The park seems underutilized on weekdays; the patrons who do use the park around that time seemed slightly unevolved...and I went TWICE and witnessed the same type of clientelle before drawing this conclusion.
It did take a few tries before my Westie puppy, Bradley Superstar, were able to review the dog park. When I googled the address the directions took me to the main entrance of the entire park (near the carousel) which is as far from the dog park entrance as you can get. My dog enjoyed the 1 mile hike through the woods (no exaggeration, this park is HUGE)but we were no closer to the actual dog park. I stopped three different people for directions and not even the grounds keeper for Brookside Gardens (where dogs are NOT allowed) knew where the dog park was or that one existed. I finally stumbled out of the forrest and into the dog park only to see a sign posted stating the dog park world be closed for two days- of course I was there on one of those days. I did notice abundant parking right next to the park so I went home determined to find better directions. A few weeks later, armed with better directions to the entrance of the dog park itself I gave the Wheaton Regional dog park another try.
The park itself is perfect for doggie events. There are two picnic tables, one under a sturdy gazebo, three benches and two poop bag dispensers; One trash can inside the park, about seven water bowls and a water pump with a hose attached to spray down your dog or fill the bowls with ice cold water. There is even a baby pool which at least one dog was wading in each time i visited. The fence is secure from all angles and around 5 1/2 feet high. There is a double gate system with a large holding pin used to enter and exit the park, which is great for dog walkers unloading several dogs.
The biggest downside to this park, besides the clientele, is the gravel used instead of mulch chips or grass, it makes the park look like a fenced-in section of the parking lot. Otherwise this park gets 2 out of 4 stars
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