Doggie Dish: Product Review

(exclusively at PetSmart)

Some celebs will attach their name to anything...from blenders to biscuits and everything in between, but Martha Stewart's new line of dog products shows serious branding know-how. A long time lover and owner of SEVERAL animals including a brood of pugs with their own blog Martha Stewart Pets for Petsmart is a line of well-made functional products for bedtime, bathtime, and playtime.Check out some of my favorite items when you click "Read More"

{Snuggler Bed $50; This is my favorite piece from the line and not just because my dog was used as the model...the bed is firm, surprisingly high and big enough to fit my 25lb Westie}

{Mattress $50; This item is a memory foam mattress...for a dog! I'd sleep on this if it came in my size!}

{Bath tub $20; Much larger than it looks, can fit a dog under 30lbs and has a stopper to drain the water}

{Bath Robe $20; Made of microfiber this robe is super absorbent and cuts down on drying time. It costs as much as the tub itself, but so cute it's worth every penny!} 

{Sequin tee $19; Quality sequins that won't fall off in the wash, great for Halloween, clubbing, or whenever you're dog needs to look like a rockstar!}

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  1. Martha is amazing. Her products, recipes and crafts seriously are great. I didn't know about this new line, though - so I'll be visiting Petsmart soon ^_^ Great post and blog!


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