How Was Your Day

My original blog,, was started when I was living in San Francisco; I had recently ended a position in Marketing and was consulting at

While chatting with my mom over the phone she asked me what I'd worn to work.

I tried to describe my outfit, but she said "just email me a picture" I did her one better and posted the photo online in my very first Tip-to-toe blog post.

Every evening since I was a child, my mom would ask us "How Was Your Day?" and I'd like to share that with you.

As often as I can I'll post my top five moments of the day or week in a How Was Your Day post; and I want to hear from you so I hope you will leave comments and let me know...How Was Your Day?

How Was Your Day?

1. Got an unexpected reimbursement check...Yay!

2. Took the check to the bank and decided to grab rammed by a car in the parking lot...Boo!

3. Survived with only minor injuries to myself and my car...Yay-dot-com (and thanks Honda Civic)

4. Ended up with a wicked headache and a trip to the ER...Boo!

5. While waiting in a hospital gown that was NOT designed by Diane von Furstenburg checked Twitter and saw that I won a $200 gift certificate to Style for Hire, the new personal shopping company founded by Stacy London of What Not to Wear...Yay!

Alls well that ends well!

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