The 30 for 30 Challenge

    scroll to the bottom to read my review and find out what I learned.

    30 pieces from my closet, 30 outfits, 30 days...
    What I Wore: Tip to Toe 

    shift dress- Target

     skirt- Target

    skirt- JCrew

    Pencil Skirt -random store in Japan

     pencil skirt- White House Black Market

    slacks- White House Black Market

     jeans- JBrand

     jean- GreyAnt

    boyfriend jeans- JCrew

     vest- Ralph Lauren

     top- Rugby Ralph Lauren

     top- MNG for JC Penny

     top- JCrew

     turtleneck- Target
      cardigan- Target
    sweatshirt- SFO Airport

    [not pictured: PacSun purple sleeveless blouse, Target boyfriend blazer, beige JCrew long-sleeve tee, black JCrew long-sleeve tee, tan crochet Uggs, black over-the-knee DV Dolce Vita boots, DSW sherling booties, Nine West black leather booties, grey New Balance sneakers, black Born flats, brown leather Rockport boots, white leather Vans, grey slouchy Steve Madden boots]

    I did it! I finished the 30 for 30 remix challenge from Kendi Everyday
    It took me well over 45 days but with just 30 pieces and 30 photos...I did it!
    I started February 1st (I didn't document any weekend outfits) and finished March16th

    • I'M ADDICTED TO SHOPPING...I like fashion, but I LOVE shopping. I cheated the ENTIRE 45 days, shopping constantly, sometimes more than once a day. It was embarrassing, it was disturbing, it was exhausting. The fact that I couldn't stop shopping for even 30 days made me take a long hard look in the mirror at myself and my life. What are my priorities? Where do I want to be in 5 years; heck where do I want to be in 5 months?!? I turn 30 this summer and I'm living at home with my family, driving a hand-me-down car, and working doggedly with no time off in sight. Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie says "I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet" that's the same episode where she tries to buy her apartment and she is denied a loan at the bank. I have six months until my 30th birthday and I'm determined NOT to be the young woman that literally lived in her shoes! I've opened a money market account in which I am depositing about half of my paycheck in the hopes of having a great down payment for a home by summer of 2012. I've decided to re-do the 30x30 challenge this Spring to prove to myself that I CAN go 30 days without shopping. I'm going to attempt not shopping for the next 6 months, but if I FAIL I will hold myself accountable by documenting exactly what I purchased right here on this blog. Wish me luck!
    • ACCESSORIES ARE THE KEY TO A GREAT OUTFIT...One thing I didn't cheat on was the pieces I chose for the 30x30 remix challenge. I picked them out of my closet the night before the challenge, hung them all on a rolling rack in the middle of my bedroom, shut the door to my closet and never looked back. I was glad to have a free pass to mix in different belts, necklaces and scarves daily because it really made the same tops and bottoms look completely different! I rediscovered ways to wear my accessories like belting a chunky cardigan (seen here) or wearing a dress as a skirt (see here). And I got lots of compliments on my VintageBrook jewelry (seen here and here) so I'm going to help @VintageBrook finish building her Etsy page and take photos of her pieces so she can get to selling!
    • NEVER BUY CHEAP SHOES...My dad was right; he always said "Never buy cheap shoes or a cheap mattress...your back and your feet are too important!" Sadly I own both (when I purchased my mattress I told the sales person I was on a budget and needed whatever they sold to college dorms) and I choose shoes based on heel height and cuteness...comfort is NEVER a factor and for this reason I wore the same few pairs of shoes over and over during the 30x30 remix challenge. Like a crazy person I spent 1/3 of my clothing allotment on shoes! (Pictures coming soon) 11 pairs of shoes and only 1 pair of pants...anyone else see a problem here?!?
    Overall, I'm so glad I participated in the 30 for 30 remix challenge; I was introduced to so many new bloggers by searching Twitter for anyone else using the #30x30 trending topic. I learned how to write HTML code for the cool thumbnail gallery of my 30x30 outfits (see the top right hand side of my blog) and I got inspired to redesign my blog and possibly even purchase the domain name for "WhatIWoreTiptoToe" It was great to set a goal and achieve it. Taking simple photos of my daily outfits has been the key to my success as a blogger and its nice to get back to that. Hope you all enjoyed the ride!


      1. I'm totally going to do the challenge with you this Spring. It's so inspiring!

      2. wow the what you learned part is fab! thanks for the honesty and it's easy to be in the here and now when you dont have kids. i have a kid and i can still relate!!! i would love to do 30 for 30 but documenting it in pics is a prob.. heck i do a 5 for 5 every week! lmao! good luck and keep up the awesome work. i purchased my domain but i'm scared to convert. i need some good time to myself and some good luck to get it done =p


      Let me know what you think! #breaellis or #weariwent

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