Happy Easter from the White House

The White House Easter Egg Roll was star-studded this year...
Kimora Lee Simmons in all her fabulosity, her husband, ex-husband and kids were all there; as well as the Fabulous Mr. Smith (Will that is) and his brood.

I was glad to see so many black celebs and their kids running around the White House, especially since the Easter Egg Roll has been a bone of contention among black families who were not allowed to attend in the past. 

I do have to say I've never seen an Easter so dressed down. Where are all of the frilly Easter frocks and lacy socks and patent leather shoes? Even the Obama girls looked too casual for my taste.

What do you think?

FLOTUS was wearing Tracy Reese

 At least the President wore a tie

 I think she's bored with the casual outfits too!

 Wouldn't Willow Smith's brother Jayden and Malia make a cute couple?

 Somebody's using their FlipCam, while they're still available!


  1. great stuff. thanks for sharing these.

  2. ahhh thanks for that. i was avoiding pics cuz i so wanted to be there in my boring spring outfit too!! love shelly o's dress!


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