What I Wore: tip to toe


Truth is these pants should technically be in the trash...or at least a goodwill bin somewhere. That's because after winning a gift certificate to Style For Hire from The Capitol Fashionista  I had stylist Kara Allan come over and assess my wardrobe; these pants, along with about 6 other pieces, got the boot! I managed to successfully offload the other items at Crossroads while on winter vacation in San Francisco, but I literally couldn't give these pants away! 

So this morning they attacked me and jumped onto my legs. 

Are they man repelling? I know i'm a shorty, but these pants make me look about 3 feet tall! And yet there is still something I LOVE about them. Anyone want to take them off my hands? They are a VERY GENEROUS J.Crew size 6.

hat- Target (men's)
cardigan- Old Navy
teeshirt- Target
necklace- ModernProps
belt- J.Crew
pant- J.Crew
bag- Maxx
shoes- Franco Sarto

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  1. You know I love you like crazy - lose 'em!

    You're way to cute for those.


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