Milking It

So I was minding my business, driving down the highway and I saw a cow, not too unusual...

 But then I noticed alot of people gathering around this cow's barn...

So I came to get a closer look at what the cow was serving up...

I got the Key Lime and it was worth the wait!

real ice cream from real dairy farmers
11402 James Madison HWY
Remington, VA 22734

*Summer Hours*

Sunday12p -9p

Monday- Thursday
11a - 9p



  1. I know exactly where this is! Always wanted to stop... perhaps I could convince you to make another trip??

  2. Love this! I'm from Wisconsin so I SO appreciate it! There are cows everywhere back home :)

  3. I've totally been there before!!! While driving back from a long road trip we stumbled upon moo through. I remember eating the best pumpkin ice cream. Ever.


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