My day as a stylist

When I was approached by Eddie Bauer to participate in their Blogger Day Style Challenge I was thrilled to collaborate with such an iconic brand. Growing up in DC I remember how coveted Eddie Bauer's down coats, rugby shirts and khakis were.
I had so much fun styling the Eddie Bauer Holiday 2011 collection

The models were such great sports...who else would understand being accessorized with a hot pink ice scraper!


WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!
sweater- Ted Baker
shirt- Old Navy
necklace- Martine's Dream
pant- J.Crew
shoes- Ferragamo*
My Picks...

Four-Pocket Leather Military Down Jacket

1936 Skyliner Original Model Down Jacket

1936 Skyliner Model Leather Down Jacket

MicroTherm™ Down Shirt

Chambray Utility Shirt

Tuxedo Shirt

French Terry Jaspé Pants

Essential Slim Jeans


Down Ice Scraper Mitt

First Ascent Tracks Beanie

Børn® Bellatrix Boots

Signature Quilting Riding Boots

Eddie Bauer Wedge Heel Ankle Boots

Børn® Arletta Vintage Oxfords

DOG GEAR (no peeking Bradley Superstar)
Krebs Recycled Leash

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