ReCap Fabb (Fitness)

Hope you enjoyed my recap of last month's CapFabb meetup of DC area Fashion&Beauty Bloggers; it was all about BEAUTY! This month our meetup was all about FITNESS! I love that CapFabb is incorporating our MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT into these monthly events.

 [EQUINOX Front Desk; photo credit: MoCoScene]

[EQUINOX Stairwell; photo credit: MoCoScene]

I arrived a bit early to this event so I locked up Miss Ivy and headed upstairs to get in a quick workout...and when I say upstairs I mean 3 flights of steep, dizzying stairs. I figured after that I wouldn't need to do too much cardio! When I finally arrived on the top floor I needed a sip of water and a towel, luckily a butler employee strolled by with a hand held high with folded towels...he offered me one and I obliged. I also helped myself to a magazine from the well-stocked rack, I chose W mag with Nicki Minaj on the cover...the whole place was so Spa-like I almost forget I was at a gym!

[EQUINOX Interior; photo credit: Express Night Out]

I finally got on the elliptical machine with my towel, my water and my fashion mag only to realize the TV above my machine was showing the Kardashians and I was positioned at the edge of an overhang that overlooked the men's floor free weights, which meant excellent eye candy! After watching a full episode of Kardashians and flipping through the entire W magazine I realized I'd been on the machine twice as long as I usually stay on a my gym...SUCCESS! I returned the mag, wiped off my machine and discarded my towel then went snooping around where I spotted an amazing pilates reformer machine room. (Sorry no picture available)

[EQUINOX Spa; photo credit: Express Night Out]

I made the trek down 4 flights of stairs to the SPA in the basement where the CapFabb meetup had begun. The reps from Brandlink DC were so sweet (and quite fashionable), there was limited seating in the Spa area so they gave up their seats to let bloggers sit and mingle. They also encouraged us to partake in the delicious spread of deli meats and cheeses they provided and to have a glass of wine.

Later a masseuse from the spa introduced himself and offered me a FREE 5minute was AMAZING! You wouldnt  believe how relaxed you can get in just 5 minutes. My favorite part of the SPA were the massage tables...they were low to the ground, which is great if you're planning to gift a massage to an older person in your life or someone pregnant, and the beds were HEATED! I definitely plan on treating someone to an Equinox massage this holiday season!


I'm always surprised that at every meetup I meet bloggers I don't know yet. I was happy to see Robrette from the blog Weight A Minute have you seen her videos on YouTube? I also met Kristin, a blogger and fellow card carrying sorority girl! We bonded over our similar Pink and Green sorority colors, she's an AKA and I'm a DZ.

See you next month CapFabb!


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