The World's Best Massage

I've had some amazing massages in my lifetime...what can I say, I enjoy a good pamper party! 

I've had a Thai massage IN THAILAND, a hot stone massage IN NAPA and countless others over the years; but the experience I had at The Women's Club in Chantilly, VA can only be described as the best massage of my life and luckily it was right outside of the beltway! 
A few months ago, I attended a lively 30th birthday party at this Ladies-only gym. The party included a hilarious Zumba class, massages in the gym's Spa and lots of special attention from the Women's Club staff. 

First up was the Zumba class, after getting sweaty (and silly) we hit the showers...loved the polka dot furniture in the locker room...and then it was time for my massage. I sat in the warmly lit Spa Room and read celebrity gossip magazines until it was my turn. I had been late (I got stuck in the Occupy DC traffic leaving the city) and completely missed my earlier spa appointment, but the Women's Club staff did everything in their power to accomodate me at a later time that same day. 

Michelle Moore introduced herself as my masseuse and here's what made this experience so great:

1) Michelle's touch was intuitive, although she verbally checked in with me throughout the service, she knew exactly how much pressure to apply and where.

2) She have me my first ever scalp massage! As a woman, the last thing we want in our hair is massage oil but Michelle was careful to massage my scalp FIRST, while her hands were oil and moisture free so my hair-do remained intact. She also carefully massaged the base of my skull, which was amazingly relaxing.

After massaging my entire body from tip-to-toe (yes she massaged down to my little piggy toe!) I felt like every massage I had ever had paled in comparison to this one!

Michelle's healing hands can't be compared to other masseuses I've had...sometimes it's all in the touch!

We were taking advantage of Spa Week and our massages were just $50 (regularly $80+); The Women's Club is participating in Spa Week again this year so make sure click here for details!

My favorite thing about this place was the fact that they are women helping other women stay happy, healthy and beautiful! They were showing HDTV and Lifetime on the TV screens...exactly what I want to get sucked into so i'll stay on the treadmill longer! And last October they sponsored a "Party in Pink" Zumbathon, open to the public, in support of breast cancer awareness.

Don't miss out on their deals this year during Spa Week (April 16-22) and make sure to book with Michelle or one of their other amazing massage therapists!


The Women's Club
Fitness Center & Day Spa
14175 Sullyfield Circle | Chantilly, VA 20151


  1. Sounds amazing! I have to check it out.

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