Corey Landry

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe! {dress- LOFT// sandals- Franco Sarto}; outfit worn same day here

The gentleman in the pink trousers is someone you should get to know, Corey Landry of Landry Imagery Inc.; the fab lady in orange is Miss Maylana of the blog Maylana's Closet

Vivi of the blog Heart | Print | Style invited myself and my FBB (Fabulous Blogging Buddy) Oby of the blog Fashion, Art, Crafts Etc. to the "Season Seven" Styling party hosted by Landry Imagery. The event was a public relations dream, complete with step-and-repeat, a slew of free lance photos snapping our photos and delightful PR Girls! Mr Landry was attentive to his blogger guests and a wonderfully gracious host. I look forward to seeing big things happen for Landry Imagery!

PR Girls to the left and right!

We adopted this teenage fashion model, while at the party

Vivi working the step-and-repeat for the photogs!


  1. What great recap and event! Yes, Cory Landry was a great host!

  2. such a great post... still so bummed that I missed it considering its RIGHT around the corner from my job... sigh... I need to know more about these events lol


  3. So many amazing outfits. I love the first pohot! xx

    - Victoria


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