Adams Morgan celebrates FNO DC

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

{jacket/skirt- Zara// tank- Ann Taylor// necklace- VintageBrook// shoes- Target}

FNO DC Purchases:

Vintage Clueless dress from Smash Records

Casper the friendly Ghost Chair from Skynear Designs

LBD from Violet Boutique
For the first time since Fashion's Night Out went global, the Adams Morgan neighborhood was added to the FNO DC destination list. First time out the gate and the neighborhood really rallied pulling off a well coordinated night of festivities. Check out the street style photos I took for the Fashion's Night Out DC website as the official Adams Morgan reporter.
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Violet Boutique
Violet Boutique~ 2430 18th St (Adams Morgan) 

My first stop on the Adams Morgan Fashion's Night Out DC tour was Violet Boutique which was offering manicures by Enchanted Nails & Spa, personal shopping and styling by blogger Kaarin of Closet Caucus as well as $10 Violet Dollars gift certificates good for use Sept 11-30.

I snapped a few photos then got down to the business of shopping for a LBD I could wear on a first date. Kaarin was so helpful and really excited about the challenge. She pulled several options and I decided on a short and flirty black dress with studded shoulders, can't wait to wear it...thanks Kaarin

Violet Boutique always has plenty of Prosecco on hand!
(Left to Right) Kaarin of Closet Caucus and Ananda Leeke of Digital Sisterhood
Styling services offered by Kaarin
I'm coming back to buy this mudcloth inspired dress with my Violet Bucks
Toro Mata 

Next stop on my tour of FNO DC in Adams Morgan was Evelyn Brooks Wine Reception at Toro Mata, a 2-level shop featuring handmade jewelry, clothing and home furnishings from Peru.

Toro Mata~ 2410 18th Street (Adams Morgan)

The store owners were delightful and took time to explain the meaning behind the one of a kind items. My favorite were the "box-altars" which were small scale 3D art instillation by artists Eleudora & Mabilon Jimenez and showcased all the things we worship including beauty and love.

This box-altar of a market place was created using potato based paper
Smash Records!

Just a few doors down I stopped into Smash Records, where I discovered you can buy loads more than just vinyl and vintage band tees. Try shoes, vintage clothing and CDs!

Longchamp bag & Ann Taylor heels

FNO guests were treated to pizza and summer beer (a mix of beer, lemonade and vodka...yum!) while they shopped for rare records and vintage clothing. The DJ was spinning some funky tunes and sporting a covetable Chuck Berry tee shirt. 

Local DC band tees available here! 

Owner Daisy has her own dress line and keeps the store stocked with a great selection of vintage pieces including the amazing plaid dress I purchased...think Clueless meets Gossip Girl...outfit post coming soon on my blog. I'm excited for their upcoming shipment of former Mayor Marion Barry tees this Sunday... just in time for the Adams Morgan Day Festival.

Trying on the vintage dress I'll wear for my Clueless halloween costume
Owner Daisy (behind the register) and well dressed Smash Records fans
Skynear Designs

As I continued my stroll down 18th street I popped into Skynear Designs and met Lynn Skynear herself! We chatted about our signature poses for photographs and she allowed me to snap one of her. Wine for the Skynear Designs FNO DC party was supplied by downstairs neighbor A.M. Wine Shoppe and the Riesling was amazing!

Skynear Designs~ 2122 18th St (Adams Morgan)
Lynn Skynear (pictured on left)

This croquet set from the 1950's would be a great conversation piece for any foyer $110
This unique Murano glass chandelier is available in Blush, Purple, Green and Aqua
There was alot more than just clothing for sale (and on sale!) at Fashion's Night Out DC in Adams Morgan. I ended up purchasing a floor sample of the amazing clear chair pictured below for a fraction of what it would cost in other boutiques! Stop in and check out their current floor sample sale.

Wind me up Chuck!

Prints are $50

Webster Portable Typewriter $110 (LINK)
Vintage rotary phone $95
Neon deck chairs

Turquoise Boutique
Made a quick stop into Turquoise Boutique, it was an accessories paradise in there! The owners were super sweet and even wanted to see what I'd purchased so far. 


My last stop of the night was the newly reopened vintage shop Meeps which I never realized was also a Buy/Sell/Trade store. Meeps was debuting a line of rope bracelets by local jewelry company Vylet Collections. Vylet's founder Leeor Pilo was on hand for DIY lessons in bracelet making!

Vintage treasures in the window of Meeps~2104 18th Street NW (Adams Morgan)

Fab new dressing rooms at Meeps!

I had a great time at Fashion's Night Out DC in Adams Morgan and would definitely shop the neighborhood on FNO again next fact I think everyone should start out their FNO DC evening in Adams Morgan, there was tons of parking, then hit up Georgetown by cab and come back to Adams Morgan for a late nite dinner at the Diner's open 24 hours!
the Diner

the Diner~ 2453 18th St (Adams Morgan)

See you next year Fashiontonians!


  1. Wow! Great recap. I'm yet to go to Meeps. Heard so much about it. If I don't go to FNO NYC next year, then I'll definitely swing on by to Adams Morgan.


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