Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

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I had the pleasure of being invited to a few parties during CBC week in DC.

CBC stands for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, which is based in Washington DC and is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy, research and educational institute that each year puts together a week of conferences, galas and parties that promote African American Congress people such as Eleanor Holmes Norton, our rep here in DC. 

While I had an amazing time here is my wish list for next year's CBC week:

1. Out of town visitors here for CBC should treat the city and the conference with the reverence it deserves. You are in the nation's capitol to celebrate the political achievements of your fellow African American professionals...YOU ARE NOT ON SPRING BREAK! 

No barking, getting wasted, or inappropriate tweets/Instagram photos using the CBC hashtag please.

2. CBC organizers EDUCATE and INFORM at every opportunity. It should be clear which congress person we are supporting at each party and there should be opportunities to sign up to get involved with  issues important to that congress person. PARTY WITH A PURPOSE!

3. There should be a wide range of times you can attend CBC conference sessions; some during the happy hour time slot (6-8pm) would be great. Unfortunately I cannot take off work to attend a CBC session, but i would love to be able to attend one that is held in the early evening. Even combining one of the sessions with a happy hour and holding it at a bar instead of in the Convention Center would appeal to me.

All in all CBC week is an exciting time of year to be young, gifted and black in Washington DC and I look forward to it each year. Did you attend any CBC events? Let me know in the comments!

DJ Spinderella of Salt-N-Pepa working a CBC party

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