Warby Parker Class Trip (DC)

Hop on board the bus and join the Warby Parker Class Trip. I joined them on their first stop in Washington, DC at Union Station. This weekend you can find them in Georgetown on M Street (between Wisconsin Ave and 31st St) from 11am to 7pm. 

You can try on all of the available style including the new Holiday Collection, which had just launched when I visited. I brought my prescription with me so I was able to order a pair of  "Crane" frames in Mallard Green. For just $95 I will recieve a pair of stylish Warby Parker glasses complete with my prescription and a pair of frames will be donated to a person in need

I'm wearing my old Warby Parker frames in the photos above, scroll all the way down to see my new ones! I want to see you in your Warby Parker frames if you visit the Warby Parker Class Trip bus Tweet me a photo (@breaellis).

What do we think of my new Warby Parker frames?

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  1. Arggghhh! I so wanted to go and see the bus this week at the Plaza. But I'll try to make it next week.

    I just got hip to Warby and I'm loving it! Even ordered the Take Home set.


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