Under $100 at Nordstrom

My friends and I are serious card carrying Nordy girls so when we heard Nordstrom Pentagon City was launching a new affordable version of their Savvy department we jumped at the chance to attend the launch party. A whole department full of trend focused brands where everything cost less than $100? Where do we hand over our Nordstrom debit cards?

We shopped til we dropped, buying up tons of going out and weekend wear pieces in Savvy (we are shopping for outfits for the Beyonce concert) and then discovering affordably priced work wear down in the Point of View department. We even got free personal shopping sessions with Stylist Yvonne in POV. 

We made a day of it, having brunch in the Nordstrom Cafe and later we were treated to coffee at the Nordstrom Espresso Bar

Have you been to Nordstrom Pentagon City?


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