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Recently, I attended a discussion on how social media has influenced the fashion industry. From bloggers wearing sponsored outfits to brands using "real people" as models. Here are the top ten tips for bridging the gap between FASHION + SOCIAL MEDIA.

1. BEAT SOCIAL MEDIA FATIGUE: The more organized you are the better (Lacey MaffettoneA Lacey Perspective); Schedule different days to focus on different social media platforms (Patrice Washington | Second Hand Shopping Soiree)

2. BECOME A BRAND: Write a brand statement. ie. "Life is colorful, life is sweet"; You won't grow your [online presence] overnight.  (Nikki Rappaport | Cupcakes for Breakfast | Hugh & Crye)

3. USE A DIFFERENT VOICE FOR EACH PLATFORM: There's no reason to follow all of a brand's [social media] platforms if they all say the same thing. (Lacey)

4. STAY CONSISTENT I enjoy mixing high and low, sometimes you've been following a blogger and then they start buying items that are thousands of dollars and you say...wait I can't keep up with you! (Lacey)

5. BEING A BRAND IS HARD Be okay with what YOU like and know that not everyone will appreciate it. Negative tweets and comments [will come] (Lacey)

6. ITS OKAY TO HAVE A FAVORITE PLATFORM I love how intimate Instagram is. (Nikki); Pinterest is the money maker; Fashion is very visual and you can click through and see where the inspiration comes from. (Lacey)

7. BRANDS WANT AUTHENTICITY Hugh & Crye looks for bloggers who can share the same sense of style and personality as the brand. (Nikki)

8. BECOME A BRAND AMBASSADOR Blogs are the go-between [connecting] the consumer that wants to buy the item [with] the company that wants to sell it. The more you realize what your brand is, the easier it is to pick brands to work with. (Lacey)

9. ANSWER ALL PITCHES When you receive a pitch that is off-brand, respond to them and let them know why this doesn't work for you. (Nikki)

10. CREATE QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY Put out good, thorough content. Don't rush to put out content, just to have a post. (Patrice)


The fashion industry is a premier success story of leveraging social media to convert posts into purchases. InstagramPinterestbloggers and Facebook have partially taken trendsetting out of the hands of ragmags and put it online, into more easily accessible and visually appealing formats.

Our March panel will discuss the many facets of fashion through social media platforms. From blogging to branding to retail outlets, find out how pins, likes, follows and shares are influencing the fashion industry. Excited? Check out our panelists below!

Moderator: Eliot Payne | AccoutreMe | @eliotpayne

After a chance encounter with a wild vintage tie, Eliot Payne had a revelation; he could take charge of his dapper destiny and make his own bow ties. Before long, compliments and requests were abound, prompting Eliot to found Accoutre: a whimsical boutique bow tie company based in Washington, DC. Accoutre puts a modern twist on an old-school staple to make seriously stylish statements through mixed prints, lush fabrics, and bright color. Eliot doesn't wear a bow tie as often as you assume; it's but one of many tools in his style arsenal. Hashtag menswear.

Patrice Washington | Yours/Mine Shop | @prjwashington & @YMSSSthrift

Patrice Washington is a DC native with a love for social media. During the hours of 9-5, you'll find her behind the lectern, facilitating career development workshops on a variety of topics such as "How to Dress for Success" and "What do Your Clothes say About You?"

As a Human Resources professional by trade, Patrice knows that it's equally important to look good on paper and in person. In 2012, she created the Yours/Mine Secondhand Shopping Soiree (YMSSS), a women's new and gently used clothing shopping event designed to suit the needs of every woman's style and budget! 

Lacey Maffettone | A Lacey Perspective | @LacePerspective

Lacey Maffettone is currently one of many young professionals trying to make it in the crazy career path we call politics in Washington, DC. Not willing to sacrifice her love of fashion in our nation's politically drenched capital, Lacey began to write about items she was coveting and documenting her personal style via outfit posts on her blog, A Lacey Perspective, in June of 20120.

In addition, Maffettone is a Co-Founder of CapFABB (Capital Area Fashion & Beauty Bloggers) a group created to give DC Metro area fashion and beauty bloggers a place to communicate, collaborate and meet. With 500+ members, CapFABB is making DC one stylish city! Lacey also is a contributing fashion writer for multiple fashion news sites. 
Nikki Rappaport | Cupcakes For Breakfast & @hughandcrye | @nikkirap

Nikki Rappaport is passionate about so many things and she packs every day full with trying to do them all. She writes about baking, DC dining, style, twenty-something life, and home design on her blog Cupcakes for Breakfast. Nikki works at Hugh & Crye, a men's shirt company based in Georgetown managing their marketing and social media. She graduated from the George Washington University in 2009 with a BA in Journalism and continued to work for GW for three years doing digital marketing, collegiate licensing and events for admissions and sports marketing. Nikki also dabbles in wedding planning, consulting on creating personal brands, and making the perfect chocolate frosting.

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