Ugly Christmas Sweater

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

hat & jeans- Madewell | vest- J.Crew | sweater- District Flea | shoes- Nordstrom | bag- Violet Boutique

{Location: Eastern Market}

Christmas is such a weird time of year for me. Part of my family is Muslim the other part non-practicing Catholic and growing up we celebrated Kwanzaa; so when Christmas comes around I'm never really sure how to participate. This year I spent some quality time with my mom and sister during the holiday, which is always on my wish list. This was also my first year in my new home so I invited them over for a Christmas Day brunch and gift exchange, then a few days later my mom and I had a spa day together. I will say there is one Christmas tradition I am well versed in...the day after Christmas shopping!
How do you celebrate Christmas?

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