DC After Dark…Part II

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

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If you've been reading WHAT I WORE: tip to toe! for awhile then you know a few things...

I'm a fourth generation native Washingtonian, which means I grew up in the Nation's Capital and so did both my parents... as well as my maternal grandparents and great-grandparents. There is a family joke that a slave ship docked in Georgetown and our ancestors ran into Rock Creek Park and didn't come out for decades! Either way I'm DC through and through and even a 6 year stint in California (San Francisco and then Los Angeles couldn't change my love of this city.

The only thing I love more than Washington DC is DC at night. This city is so romantic when its all lit up. If you come to visit you simply must take a bus tour of the monuments at night. My favorite is the FDR memorial with all of its waterfalls and famous quotes. Also the new Martin Luther King memorial is beautifully lit at night. Bring a real camera, your iPhone isn't going to cut it!

I now have a new favorite thing to do at night in DC, although it's seasonal, Zoo Lights at the National Zoo! Check back on Wednesday Jan 8 for a full photo recap of this amazing event. And if you're planning a visit to DC during the holidays next year make sure to take time to check out Zoo Lights because its magical and they serve booze! Here is another option of what to do in DC After Dark. What's your favorite thing to do at night in DC?

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