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Over the summer I went to a screening of "The Tents" a documentary film about the history of New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Basically New York's fashion week started in the 90's when American designers (think Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.) were feeling that their collections were not being held in the same regard as foreign designers.

The term "The Tents" comes from the days when the shows were held in Bryant Park; essentially a public park adjacent to the New York Public Library. Because this was an open air green space it needed to be covered for the fashion shows, so huge white tents were erected each season and elaborate stages were built inside. New York Fashion Week created a spectacle that in turn created interest in American designers... or at least excitement about what was happening inside of the tents.

This stunt has catapulted New York's fashion week ahead of Milan, Paris and London, but it hasn't been without its issues. Fashion Week has moved locations and is now held at the bigger, but perhaps less exclusive, Lincoln Center where the New York Philharmonic performs. Mercedes Benz became the sponsor for NYFW but recently IMG Fashion, the company that runs NYFW, was bought out by William Morris Agency and Silver Lake Partners, a technology investment firm...Samsung Galaxy Gear for everyone!

Right before the buyout IMG announced a few changes to NYFW including reducing the media list by 20% stating "invitations [will] once again [be] an exclusive pass for true fashion insiders" which is code for #byebloggers  One really smart change IMG made was to announce it will offer shuttles to the shows that are happening around the city in locations other than Lincoln Center. #byetowncars

No word on whether the new owners will usher in these new rules, but there's been a lot of talk about fashion bloggers becoming persona non grata at NYFW. My person opinion (and yes I'm biased because I am a blogger and fully plan on using that to obtain "media credentials") is that fashion bloggers are just as relevant at a fashion show as celebrities. Both are there to look pretty, gush about the clothes and hopefully be photographed wearing them; I don't see the issue. Fashion Week is mostly for magazine editors anyway, but I'd argue that bloggers are closer to editors than celebrities; so if you get rid of anyone at fashion week I'd start with the celebrities, buy that's just my two cents.

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