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As you know I've been experimenting with wearing cute workout outfits when i exercise (instead of my pajamas) and it does make me feel more attractive, but guess what else? Feeling better makes you behave better! Unlike baggy sweatpants these "Love Me Long Leggings" don't let me ignore my body. (Luckily they are super slimming, like cut-from-magic-cloth amazingness.) And wearing this "Toight Like a Tiger" tank, instead of an old tee shirt, means i can't cheat and not engage my core during a workout. But you know the best thing that's happened to my body since ditching my gym jammies?  I've had to take stock of what I'm putting into it because I realized... you can't exercise away unhealthy eating habits. 

If i'm going to take the time to be thoughtful about what i wear, and make the effort to be active, why am I undoing all this good work every time I lift my fork? The first change I made was to purchase a blender and start eating (or drinking) the most important meal of the day - breakfast. I've been throwing things like frozen kale, mangos, berries, almond milk and pineapple into my blender in the morning... starting the day with a dose of fruits and veggies. I'm also bringing my lunch to work instead of eating fast food everyday. Its amazing effect a cute outfit can have! 

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  1. Hi, this is an awesome post. It's so true what you said. We always hear that phrase "Feeling better makes you behave better" but until we live it, we won't know. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    You look great on those clothes!
    Greetings from a fellow CapFabb blogger. (I need to add my blog's name on their list)
    - Elsey

    1. Thanks for reading (and commenting) Elsey! Glad you found me on CapFabb xo B

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