Dance Break

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

tank | sports brahoodiecargo pants

Clothing provided by Zumba® 

I've talked before about how great Zumba clothes are for going straight from the gym to brunch but this look was perfect for strolling through Eastern Market, my favorite farmer's market, after working out. It was lovely weather that day, but the sun kept coming out then fading away so I was grateful to have layered my reversible sports bra with this matching wrap me up hoodie.

These cargo leggings make a strong case against the "leggings aren't pants" movement. The pockets are placed perfectly low on my leg so they didn't add any width to my thighs but legitimized these as acceptable for wear around town. They are made of a soft, yet think cotton and stayed secure on my hips. No exposed backside! They are so amazing they are sold out, but my original favorites the Love Me Long Legging are a great substitute.

When I flipped up the hood and threw my ID and ATM card in my cargo pocket I felt like a breakdancer and I seriously wanted to bust a move in this ensemble but I held my composure... Eastern Market has killer blueberry pancakes and I'd like to be able to show my face around here.

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