80 years of Goodwill Greater Washington

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

I love vintage clothes, but I always believed  I had to go to an expensive, well curated vintage shop to find ones that would fit into my professional life. Being involved with Goodwill Greater Washington has changed my perspective. I've never been a thrifter, in fact the idea of sorting throw a thrift store seemed overwhelming to me, but then I learned that not all thrift stores are created equal.

Goodwill's focus has been on creating employment opportunities for disenfranchised community members through the donations of more fortunate community members. At at lovely breakfast at the Newseum to celebrate 80 years since Goodwill of Greater Washington was founded, the organization asked me why I support them…my answer? My #ootd supports jobs!  I like knowing that when I donate last seasons clothes or purchase something from one of their stores, not only am I getting a unique piece (like the awesome purple Talbots sweater dress I'm wearing in this post) but I'm giving back to the community I grew up in.

In 2016, Goodwill Greater Washington will be opening a charter school for adults to pursue their high school diplomas and will provide the two things that pose the greatest barrier against adults finishing school- vouchers for transportation to and from school and childcare. The work Goodwill Greater Washington is doing extends far past helping you clean out your closet or providing a write off at tax time, they are living up to their hashtag in all that they do… #ShareTheGood 

Want to support the amazing difference that Goodwill of Greater Washington is making in the community? Here's how…

Shop Edited for Goodwill Friday June 26th (11am-5pm) & Saturday June 27th (11am-3pm) 
Here's what I picked up! [LINK]

Saturday, July 11 at 2:30pm | Zengo Cycle charity ride http://bit.ly/1J4AHFO


  1. hey lady! im finally planning on attending my first Edited for Goodwill this time around (how have i never made it before?!)
    i will be attending the VIP party on the 26th -- will i see you there??

    1. Hi Eva Nadine! I'm hoping to make the VIP party as well. If you see me there please say hello!

  2. LOVE you in purple! Adore the quilted heels and bag, too. Very classically Chanel-inspired!

  3. Thank you for the write up! Can't wait to see you both there! <3 DCGF


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