The Big Chop

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

Why yes... I AM doing something different with my hair! Thanks for noticing ; ) I've strugged with thinning hair, caused by (we think) scarring alopecia, for a few years. It's been quite a journey trying to determine the cause and to reverse the affects of my hair loss. I've stopped using heat on my hair, gotten steroid injections into my scalp and even had my scalp biopsied; not to mention all the medicated shampoos and creams I've slathered on. I saw some results from the reduction of heat usage, but overall my hair growth was at a standstill.
The hairdresser that has been doing my hair for the past year mentioned that she thought the key to me getting a healthy scalp might be starting from scratch; she pointed to a woman with a closely shorn head and said that she thought my face could carry the look.
I thought about it for a few months and then after an appointment at the salon I told my hairdresser I wouldn't be rebooking to give me time to think about what she'd said. And that was it... I'd made up my mind to make the big chop! So far my hair is growing and I love the ease of keeping my scalp clean and moisturized.
I scheduled the big chop right before a vacation I had scheduled to the Bahamas and it was great being able to "live with it" for a few days before I revealed my haircut to the world. The reaction from my family and friends (and lots of strangers on the street) has been really supportive and positive. I'm so glad I did it...its strange, but I actually feel more like myself.


  1. You look amazing, Brea! And honestly, your most recent birthday looks with your new 'do? FIRE!

    Sidenote: Miss ya.

    1. Thanks Vivi! Everyone's kind words mean so much. It's funny how much my hair complements all of my outfits recently... guess I should have done this sooner. See you soon!


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