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tank / leggings / glasses

I'm not usually one to get dressed up for the gym. I have quite the collection of free tee shirts from sorority and volunteer events so I just pair one of those with sweats, leggings and sometimes even pajama bottoms. I mean...it's not like i'm parading around the gym picking up guys. I work out on the Pilates reformer machine with a trainer once a week in a private room and then take a class at Biker Barre on the weekends that's full of women so there's no one to impress. 

However recently a Nike Outlet opened in DC on New York Ave NE near my office and they had some great deals right after Thanksgiving so I stocked up on proper workout attire. And one good deed leads to another because having these fancy exercise clothes has made me want to work out more often. I've been taking a resistance band with me on my business trips and doing workouts in my hotel room. Summer bodies are made in winter you know!


  1. Nice! I had no idea there was a Nike outlet store over that way! I'm going to have to check it out soon!

    Ashlee @ http://www.cobaltchronicles.com

    1. Yea Ashlee. I stumbled upon it over the holidays when my cousin told me about a Nike store where she found some great deals. I didn't know it was an outlet either until after I shopped there a few times. It looks like a regular Nike store, but the prices are so good! Happy shopping!


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