Black Magic Woman

All photos courtesy of Vivi of Heart Print Style

I was recently in Las Vegas for work; I usually don't have much time to explore when I'm travelling on business, but I was able to get away for an hour and go see one of the current Instagram Wonders of the World... Seven Magic MountainsAn art installation smack dab in the middle of nowhere, and about 20 minutes south of the Las Vegas strip, this display of neon rocks was truly worth the trip! 

A collaboration between the Aria an MGM resort, the Nevada Museum of Art and Swiss artist Ugo Rodinone, the Seven Magic Mountains is seven 30-35 ft obelisks comprised of brightly painted local boulders. 

The location of the exhibit is significant as its quite close to Jean Dry Lake where artists Michael Heizer and Jean Tinguely created their own art installations in the seventies. This land certainly feels like hallowed ground. The amount of peace and quiet I felt, standing next to those towering rock formations with the Red Rock Canyons in the background, was unbelievable. 

The Las Vegas strip is intentionally over stimulating so being able to get away to see something so bright, yet so calming was a real treat. If you're in the Las Vegas area don't miss out on this cool art installation. The exhibit is on a limited two year run.

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