2018 Wish List - Post Shopping Ban

In my post shopping ban life I'm much clearer on what I truly want, what I need and what makes sense to add to my life. Problem is I have EXPENSIVE taste. That's not entirely a bad thing because as I explained in my last post when you calculate the cost per wear your purchases actually end up cheaper if you buy things once instead of replacing them each season or even every few years. The only thing is...retailers won't let you pay per wear for the items so I'm having the dilemma of learning to save for big ticket items and how to be patient while I do. 

Below are three item's on my 2018 Wish List and substitutes won't do. I want the real thing and the price tag is high AF.

gucci jordaan loafers
Gucci Jordann Loafer, $730
A pair of Gucci loafers in this gorgeous brown color (these are the old school ones, not the newfangled ones that you can fold down and walk on the back of) are absolutely essential for my Fall wardrobe. I've tried them on in the Gucci boutique and done my research; these shoes will be with me for the long haul. The sales people at the Gucci store were all wearing these as their work shoes and said they need almost no breaking in, they are comfortable from day one. Also former Lucky magazine editor Eva Chen wears a pair that her mom owned decades ago, they still look great. There was a slight price increase on these while I was doing the shopping ban, so I'll have to save a little longer to be able to afford them, but I'm looking forward to purchasing them this spring.

Bass Weejun Loafer, $110
This pair of Bass Weejun loafers is a classic option and would last for several years, but when compared to the Gucci loafers which will last several decades there's not comparison.
Le Pliage Travel Bag | 99 Euro | Air France exclusive
Le Pliage Travel Bag, $255

On my list for immediately after the ban ended was a replacement for my Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable. My Le Pliage travel bag is almost ten years old. I got it in Germany when I was a flight attendant and my own airline lost my luggage. I wish I remembered how much I paid for it because it was nowhere near the $255 price tag the bag has now. These bags are made with the most durable of zippers, but mine finally broke last year.

The Longchamp store in City Center DC sent it to the Longchamp doctor (somewhere in New Jersey) to fix it, but the nylon on the bag was so old that replacing the zipper wasn't possible without creating a tear in the lining of the bag. They were nice enough to reinforce the corners of my bag for free; they get worn easily and little holes appear.

These bags are slightly cheaper in Paris, although the bags are no longer made there, so my plan is to wait and try to replace it if I travel to Europe anytime this year.

Victorinox Swiss Army Duffle Bag, $99.99

This nylon duffel bag is less than half the price of the Longchamp, but as someone who has had almost ten years experience with the Le Pliage I can vouch for it's durability, whereas I've not heard of the brand Victorinox. Anyone have experience with this brand? Leave a note in the comments.

burberry hood sweatshirt dress
Burberry Sweatshirt Dress, $595

I spotted this Burberry hooded sweatshirt dress in Nordstrom. I imagine wearing it on my monthly work flights with a pair of leggings and sleek black athletic shoes. It is very thick and has a discreet embroidered "Burberry" logo on the hood. I like how warm and cozy it looks, but I'll confess even I have limits. $600 for an oversized sweatshirt? That's where I draw the line.

Nicola Adams x Selfridges, $115
This is the one items off of my 2018 Wish List that I've already purchased. I didn't own anything from either brand so I consulted my friends. They all said the Selfridges version was neater and looked more like a dress than a baggy sweatshirt. I'm often on the same flight with staff from my client's organizations so I have to be careful wearing my yoga pants when I travel. I try to look as neat as possible, while still being comfortable. 

What pushed my decision over to the save versus splurge side was this article in Vogue breaking down the black female boxer's impact on family, fashion and her fight for equality as one of Britain's top athletes. It's pretty cool to feel like you're wearing a piece with a backstory. I will say I'm having slight FOMO because the Selfridges piece is fitted and not as cozy as I wanted. I have my eye on that Burberry hoodie in case it ever goes on 80% off sale (yea right), but in the end I will be able to get more wear out of the one I purchased because it fits better and doesn't look too sloppy to wear on a work trip.


Last week I wore a cashmere turtleneck to work, the same piece that I wore to go bowling in the White House five years ago! And that's the thing about buying well made (usually pricey) pieces...they're going to be with you for the long haul.

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  1. I would not say you have "expensive" taste I would say you have "quality" taste.

    1. Thanks Lynn! I guess my taste is quite discerning...its the clothes that are expensive. : )


  2. I look forward to the day when you are able to get those Gucci loafers, I know how much you've been lusting after them. ��
    Although I've been doing quite a bit of shopping post ban, I've gotten a good amount of things that have been on my wishlist for some time and I find myself taking longer to really consider a purchase and really thinking over whether it deserves a spot in my wardrobe. I totally feel you on having expensive taste! Darn those fabulous luxury goods! Where's a sugar daddy or fairy godmother when you need one?

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