Clothing Budget (April 2011)

My name is Brea Ellis and I'm a has been 37 days since my last purchase.

I recall having a hissy fit over not being able to go 30days without shopping during the 30for30 challenge, but here it is April 22nd and I've lasted MORE than 30 days without shopping...give or take a few beauty and household items...I didn't buy any clothes or accessories! Hooray!

I started my shopping ban on March 16, 2011 and hoped to go for 6 months straight, I made it 37 days...this is an accomplishment for me.

Blogger Kimmie from Blue Paper Lanterns has a great shopping budget feature on her blog (check it out here) so I decided to try the same thing...

NEW RULE: Clothing budget= $150/mo.

So Far in April...

($32) Dove Grey Patent Pleather Pearce Pumps by Mossimo RETURN
($27) Natural Tan Wilitte Nailhead Heeled Sandal by Mossimo
($53) Starlet Sequin Stripe Pullover by Chico's 
($42) Saltillo Nyla Shoulder Bag by Chico's
($20) Vintage dress
$142    TOTAL spending for April

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