How Was Your Day (Weekend Edition)

How Was Your Day?

1. Channeled the fabulous Blair Eadie of the blog Atlantic-Pacific in an outfit that brought men to tears (get the scoop on my Twitter) no one wears rain boots like she does...see evidence here and here.

hat- Old Navy
sweater- Old Navy
shirt- Old Navy (wrapped around my waist)
knee socks- Target
rainboots- JCrew
bag- Longchamp
umbrella- Old Navy

2. Enjoyed a day at Upshur Dog Park with Bradley "Superstar" check out a few videos of him playing fetch below! 

3. Went strolling through Georgetown and picked up a cute vintage dress for Spring/Summer.

4. Had brunch and picked up groceries in DC's famous Eastern Market

5. Made an Easter basket for the doggies at Unleashed by PETCO

As often as I can, I post my top five moments of the day or week in a How Was Your Day post (a nod to my original blog; and I also want to hear from you so I hope you will leave comments and let me know...How Was Your Day?  

Check out my last How Was Your Day post here.

Please leave a comment and tell me... 


  1. WOW,you look so beautiful!!!
    Happy belated Easter!

  2. I'm loving the photos - outside photos are totally best. Also, adding lifestyle shots is great too. This blog is totally coming together perfectly.

    Write more - I wanna read your fabulous words!

  3. Hiya Brea, I love to see you wearing your Rubber Wellingtons you look so cool.



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