How Was Your Day? (Memorial Day)

(Weekend Edition)

It took me 3 times to get it lit, then I burned all of the chicken.
My cousin came over a few hours later and brought me Maryland Crabs covered in Old Bay seasoning...THAT'S WHAT FAMILY IS FOR!

My first time in charge of the grill
(curlers- Conair pillow soft rollers/shirt- my dad's/shorts- J.Crew)

The fruits meats of my labor

 Partying near the Monument
It was a white party, but I didn't get the memo
(dress- Old Navy/ bag- Chicos/earrings- Lord & Taylor)

Arrow pointing to the White House, which was right behind us! 

(Apparently I'm not the only one that likes this dress, check out Carmen Electra and Lala Vazquez wearing it here.)
The  light was on upstairs in the White House and tourists at the party kept asking us if that was the President's bedroom. General rule of thumb: if you can see into it, the President is NOT inside. 

Directly next to the party was the Treasury building and at midnight we watched a soldier come up on to the Treasury's roof and lower the U.S. flag to half-mast in honor of Memorial Day...couldn't have asked for a more appropriate end to the holiday!


As often as I can, I post my top five moments of the day or week in a How Was Your Day post (a nod to my original blog; and I also want to hear from you so I hope you will leave comments and let me know...How Was Your Day?  

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  1. you're looking real chic at that grill.

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  3. Great pics! That food looks delicious & your outfits are chic!

  4. Looks like a great day!!

    Monique xx

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