Ladies That Brunch

I had a great weekend, that ended with an all day brunch session on Sunday with the newly formed "Brunching-N-Lunching" Ladies that Brunch club.

We ate at The Beacon, played scandalous board games and even recieved swag bags from our hostess.

Afterwards we hit up the new Pinkberry in Dupont Circle...if you haven't tried the new Salted Caramel flavor...get over there now! Its so yummy and perfect after a savory meal and drinks.

Finally we ended up at Lauriol Plaza for more drinks, chips&salsa and some fun with the other patrons...too bad no one took video of the entire Lauriol rooftop singing along to Katy Perry with us! I'm excited for the next "Brunching-N-Lunching" event which will be hosted by myself and my friend Latia and has a rock and roll karaoke theme!

What I Wore: tip to toe
hat- Target Men's section
necklace- ModernProps (available soon on Etsy)
dress- Kate Moss for TopShop
clutch- Pierre Cardin, vintage
shoes- Via Spiga


  1. omg i love that dress. you look so fabulous!

  2. SI like the outfit and your place is sooo pretty with all of the colors. So how do you become a member of brunching and lunching?


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