Signet-ure move

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!
dress (worn as skirt)- Ambiance SF

     I was beyond excited to wear something other than my 30x30 outfits so last night before bed I took everything out of my closet that was summer weight and hung it all on the rolling rack i've been using for my 30x30 clothes. When I spotted this orange shirt with the tag still on it I knew it would be perfect for my first post-fashion famine outfit.
     Then I decided I wanted to try colorblocking so I searched for a colored bottom...a skirt, shorts or pair of slacks...NOTHING. Apparently the only colors I wear on the bottom are beige, black or navy. So this will be the first thing I add to my new shopping list...COLORED BOTTOMS.
     Oh yea and I finally figured out what to get myself for my 30th birthday...a signet ring! I love how delicate this one is.
     Any advice? Which finger should I wear it on? Should I get all 3 of my initials (BME) engraved? Where should I buy it from? PLEASE LEAVE YOUR SIGNET RING ADVICE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW. THANKS!

Photo credit goes to Kim and her dog Lola who spotted me taking my TIP TO TOE photos and offered to take one for me. Check my blog's Facebook fan page to see outtakes from this shoot where the two dogs are playing in the background!

After reading this post from the blog Haute Off the Press I've decided that to be a serious style blogger I too need a signature pose. I've stolen the one above from my very first blog post back in 2008 when I had a Tumblr called How Way Your Day. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think my signature pose should be.

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  1. Love the bright color of your t-shirt!
    xo Cara


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