Commander in Chic

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

 top- young, gifted and black
skirt- White House Black Market
shoes- Franco Sarto
bag- Longchamp
glasses- Warby Parker

Yesterday on President Barack Obama's 50th birthday, I tried to figure out two things:
1. What is work appropriate to pair with this Obama shirt?
2. Do I support the President because he's is black (like me!) or because I respect the office of the Presidency?
I decided that a black pencil skirt goes with everything and that growing up in DC...i mean really inside of the beltway...teaches you that officials are elected by the people to respresent them; if you don't like the job they are doing once they take office you have the right to replace them when their term has ended. What I won't do, no matter who is in office, is disrespect an elected official.
Can someone help me down off of my soapbox?
K thanks!

Remember in yesterday's post how I announced my signature style blogger pose? Here it is again!
How are we feeling about my new Signet-ure move?

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