Vintage Vanilla (How Was Your Weekend)

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

blouse- Ann Taylor
silk tank (worn underneath)- J.Crew
skirt- Target
shoes- Ferragamo*
earrings- Miriam Haskell*
bag- Rockport

I had an amazing weekend inside of the beltway.

Friday we celebrated my mom's semi-retirement with the new $20 crabfeast at Red Lobster. And yes I'm fully aware that living so close to Maryland there are tons of better places to have crabs, but what can I say...I love a good chain restaurant!

Saturday I used my HomeRun group coupon for $40 worth of tailoring for just $20 at Cheryl Lofton & Associates (7th&T St, NW). I cant wait to see how my items look after being fitting for me.

Afterwards had brunch in Arlington at the Carlyle with my cousins. Clearly you have to go to the tailor BEFORE you eat brunch right? And I found out it was a tax-free shopping weekend in Virginia so I went *vintage shopping in Alexandria, which is where I scored the Ferragamo flats and Miriam Haskell clip-on earrings shown above.

Later that night I live-tweeted from my second bookclub meeting, where we discussed Sag Harbor by Coleson Whitehead. Spoiler Alert: It was terrible.

Sunday I went swimming with my family...I love how we only swim during the summer, eventhough our pool is indoors! I did some laundry, at the new Tropicana Laundromat in Silver Spring, with my favorite Peony scented detergent from Method. Our dryer is on the fritz and the Maytag repairman has quite the busy schedule, but i'm glad I check the place out, because it was state-of-the-art and now I have a close place to go when I need to wash my humongeous comfortor. Sunday night I had a bunch of conference calls (3 in a row) for my volunteer position with my sorority. I'm so excited to be involved with greek life again!

This week I'm really looking forward to attending a mixer with other local Delta Zeta Sorority alumnae...gotta think of something Pink&Green to wear! Also cant wait for Jazz in the Garden and  Truckeroo on Friday.

How was your weekend?


  1. I NEED those Ferragamo Pumps in my life, LOL! Very cute outfit...and hello Bad...I mean Bradley!

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