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X-Rated Fusion Liqueur Event
WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!
top- Madness (NYC)
pants- H&M
shoes- Sam Edelman
bag- Chicos
It was my aunt that first hipped me to blogger Necole Bitchie; she'd read about her in Essence and is someone doing that blogging thing like my niece!

Well Necole is doing it alright...she's going all in with her snarky celebrity gossip blog. Although she is usually based out of LA, Necole made the trip to DC this week to host a party for the bubble gum pink vodka enfused liqueur X-Rated Fusion. 

A 100% organic French vodka with mango and blood orange flavors the liqueur was best when mixed with Rose or Tequila&lime.

The event was so cute, and so pink!

The venue, an art gallery called Fathom Creative, was my dream office space!

And there were some well heeled patrons in attendence!

DJ Kalkutta was amazing...and even multi-tasked, spinning AND posing for pics!
(A girl after my own heart!)

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