Welcome to my Jungle

 by Ginger+Liz
As you may recall my New Year's Resolution was to develop a beauty regimen. For nail care, I've started going to Indigo Smith, whose salon is located inside of Tracy&Co on 8th street in the Capitol Hill section of DC.  

For $20 I treat myself to a manicure every two weeks and for $40 I get a monthly pedicure where she slathers on her homemade sugar scrub. View another great manicure by Indigo here.

During my last appointment I selected a color called Gray Area from the line Ginger+Liz, a wax coat that promises to resemble cement when dry. As I sat down for my manicure, Indigo received a delivery product from Ginger+Liz and I instantly fell in love with two of the new colors skin tight and demi cup

I finally decided on "Welcome To My Jungle" a pearlescent army green color; perfectly spooky and glamorous to transition into fall. 

Wearing: (pinky to thumb) Welcome to my Jungle by Ginger+Liz and transfer foil courtesy of Indigo Smith

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