A Heady Tale

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!
scarf- Mom | tee- Madewellblazer- Target | necklace- Vintage Brook | jeans- Madewell | belt- Madewell | bag- J.Crew | shoes- Toms | wrist riot- Madewell, Loft, J.Crew

Remember when I used to take my outfit photos while walking my dog?
I've started doing that again and I think my puppy is mocking me...

Who me? I'm innocent I swear!
You know you love me...
Bradley Superstar


  1. love that bow! at first i thought you dyed your hair lighter. these pics are so awesome.

  2. The way you tied the scarf is too cute. And I'm not really a dog fan but your dog is adorable.

    Meanwhile, I tagged you in a fun lil' award. Just out my recent blog post for more details. :o)


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