Two Lies and a Truth

February CapFabb Meetup
Madewell, Georgetown

Anyone mind if I get a little honest with you today?

Below are photos of my outfit for the February CapFabb meetup and i would like to confess that I purchased this outfit (dress and vest) minutes before the meetup and changed into it in the Zara dressing room, then hid my bag behind the Madewell registerI hadn't planned to attend the meetup, because it seemed like basically a shopping party and Madewell hosts their Denim After Dark event the first Thursday of every month (next one is Feb 2) so I didnt see the point. 

When "Franky J" tweeted to ask if I was coming to the meetup it occurred to me that I had worn my rail straight cords and grey silk top, both from Madewell, to work because I sort of did want to attend; so I got all of my work done and jetted out of the office on time. I actually got to Georgetown a little early, found parking right away and took it as a sign that I should do a little window shopping first.

I remembered someone tweeting that Zara's sale was still going on so I decided to give them a second chance...remember the first thing I ever purchased from Zara was my NYE outfit, which I ordered online and when it arrived NOTHING FIT! Anywho I had much better luck in-store. I purchased these amazing leatherette pants in deep green, the vest and dress I'm wearing in the photos and saw tons of other items I need in my life...or at least my closet. 

I told the very cute man who rung me up that I'd be changing into my purchases because they were much cuter than what I had on and he agreed....RUDE, but honest. Even the fitting room attendant gave me the thumbs up after I changed, so with my previous outfit folded neatly in my Zara bag I high tailed it directly across the street and joined the CapFabb meetup.

I had a great time at Madewell, it was fun to see my blogger friends, and my sales associate Megan (great hair by the way) convinced me to try on a soon-to-be-discontinued style of jean called the High Riser...swoon! I'm a convert! I love love love the Rail Straight style, but the High Riser is my new favorite. Perfect for my hourglass figure, I wouldn't call myself curvy, but my waist is definitely smaller than my hips and the High Riser has got every inch of me covered!

Anyways, just thought I'd tell the truth and shame the devil, as they say...WHAT IS YOUR TRUTH?

photo credit: Chellbellz
photo credit: Chain Strap Purse
WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!
dress- Zara
vest- Zara
socks- Target
boots- Steve Madden
clutch- J.Crew


  1. That's too funny I would totally do the same thing & change in the dressing room. You looked great!

  2. I would have never guessed it. lolol. And don't worry, there have been plenty of times I've bought an item...or a whole entire outfit...and changed in the dressing room to wear it out.

    Anywho, you looked cute. Nice catching up with you. :o)

  3. You looked fabulous for something you put together on a whim...but then agao those are usually the best outfits! Looking good...and that's right, shame the devil!


  4. I love your honesty and I'm not mad at you!!! Adore the purchased look;-) Funny I grew up hearing tell the truth and shame the devil and that's what I say to my kids.

  5. ok I am going to Zara tomorrow. Goodness that is a cute dress! The Zara in Metro Center stinks.. it had NADA


  6. LOL @ tell the truth and shame the devil! I say that all the time. Cute dress! I missed this meetup but I will see you all at the next one!


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