Red Sprinkle Fashion Camp For Teens

Recently  Walish Gooshe hosted a fundraiser for Red Sprinkle's Fashion Camp for Teens. 

Walish Gooshe, a women's Ready-to-Wear label specializes in blouses, gowns, suits and custom orders and is the brainchild of native Washingtonian Greg Gaten Taylor. Taylor studied at Philadelphia's Art Institute and enjoyed great success as a designer in the city of Brotherly Love. 

A few years ago he returned to his hometown and opened a boutique where customers can find everything from jewelry (now 20% off) to button up blouses for work (and custom made suits to pair with it) to sequin mini dresses! 

I applaud his efforts to pursue his dreams as a designer, they paid off in 2009 when he took the top prize in the TLC design competition "Who Are You Wearing?"

Went home with this spiked cuff!

This sequin mini was my favorite piece!

The lovely ladies of Red Sprinkle!

The backs of their Walish Gooshe dress!

Chatting with fab blogger Naja Diamond
photo credit: @comme_coco

I grew up in Brightwood, a neighborhood just a few blocks away from the Walish Gooshe showroom and boutique located on Georgia Ave in Northwest DC. In the 80's and 90's it was hard to be fashionable in this city. Our First Ladies were wearing Bill Blass not J.Crew and business women who worked downtown were sporting grey, navy or black exclusively and commuting in tennis shoes not ballet flats (some still are). 

In high school I attended a magnet school for math and science and before that a private school filled with diplomats' children, needless to say my love of layering, preppy style and eschewing of popular labels (like Parasuco) didn't win me any fans. It was hard to grow up with a love of fashion in a city that rewarded label lust, uniformity and conservatism. 

I would have loved to have had a place like the Red Sprinkle Fashion Camp to express myself and learn about the fashion industry. The summer bootcamp run by Red Sprinkle benefits the children of the Mary's Center, a federally funded local service agency in Wards 1, 2 and 4 established to promote healthy pregnancies, improve birth outcomes, and reduce infant mortality. 

I encourage all fashionistas to support this cause by donating to the Mary's Center.

To Make an In-Kind Donation


WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

{blouse- Zara// skirt- LOFT// shoes- Ann Taylor}

ACCESSORIES: necklace- gifted// spiked bracelet- Walish Gooshe// glasses- Warby Parker


l to r: 
photo credit: @comme_coco


  1. It looked like so much fun & you should have taken pics of your nails too. They where sooo cute!

  2. I was sooooo happy to get to see you again and get to chat up a storm! Your writing is amazing in this. Like I am stunned! LOVE IT!


  3. As one half of Red Sprinkle, I am truly humbled by your support of our efforts. It's a shame that we didn't get to chat more, but I thank you for a fab write-up! xoxoxox Madi

  4. Wow such a great write up lady and it was so great meeting you! Can't wait till the next time we hang doll!


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