Zumba at the National Harbor

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

tee | tanksports bra | leggings | shoes

I couldn't wait to wear these new arrivals from Zumba; this collection is my favorite so far. My outfit was so cute that I wore it to brunch at The Commissary (yum!) and to run errands (hunting for a shoe cabinet at Miss Pixies and grocery shopping at the new Trader Joe's on 14th St). 

Its been a bit overcast in DC lately so when the sky showed a hint of brightness I grabbed a banana and bottle of water, put on my new duds from Zumba's clothing line and headed to the National Harbor in Maryland (a 15 minute drive from DC's Capitol Hill). 

Every Wednesday from 7-8pm this summer you can take a FREE Zumba class at the National HarborEven if you can't make the class National Harbor has some fun green spaces for working out and I found running up and down the stairs or climbing on the Awakening Statue were excellent ways to work up a sweat. Not to mention circling the stores a few times doing some window shopping!


I've been getting alot of questions about Zumba footwear...first question is usually: Zumba makes shoes? Second question is always: are Zumba shoes comfortable? The answer is a resounding YES Zumba shoes are super comfortable and here's why...Z-Slide technology is incorporated to increase mobility and allow the freedom to slide on any floor surface (including carpet), Ball Pivot Point technology eases movement and provides security while turning or spinning during dance movements, Z-Arch technology maximizes arch support and flexibility. Whether I'm doing jumping jacks in my backyard or taking a Zumba class at the National Harbor, Zumba footwear is so flexible, it moves with my foot and provides plenty of support.


Have you been taking advantage of this mild summer and getting fit? Let me know in the comments or leave me a message on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK.


  1. Zumba always have the cutest clothing. You look good Brea! I've always had issues with my shoes when it comes to zumba. I'd end up hurting my hip because I couldn't pivet. These shoes sounds like they help out a lot.

    1. Thanks for reading Elle! Sorry to hear about your injury... the right gear definitely makes all the difference. And bonus... the shoes are cute!


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