Spring Has Sprung

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

Tibi Agatha Jumpsuit 

c/o Rent the Runway

Available here: http://goo.gl/YvTw2F

Anyone else doing somersaults in celebration of Spring? It was a looooong cold winter and I don't miss it one bit. These handful of sunny days have given me enough hope to last all season long. I know you're not supposed to wear white until Memorial day and I don't want to push the season...actually that's not true. I do want to push the season...I want to wrestle the season to the ground and pummel all the sunshine out of it. Aggressive much?

Can I get a slow clap for the awesomeness that is this culotte jumpsuit?!? What in all the fashion fabulousness was Tibi thinking? (I don't know, but I like the way their mind works.) I was so excited to borrow this piece from the Rent the Runway store in Georgetown, because let's face it this is a bold look and what better way to be daring without all the risk than to rent! No commitment, just a fleeting moment of chic! Sign up for Rent the Runway (it's free) and reserve this look for that inevitable white party...you'll own the room!

Should you need a standout piece for a work function, this same Tibi Agathe Jumpsuit pairs well with a cropped blazer, round toe pumps and a black bag; all of which I know you already have in your wardrobe. This more conservative look is perfect for leading a presentation or attending a conference...or any situation where you want to stand out from the sea of black, navy and grey suits. What are you even waiting for...stop reading this post and reserve this jumpsuit so you can twirl around in it. PS- It has pockets! I know right?!?


  1. FAINTED. I wish this was available in bigger sizes I would BUY this. You look AMAZING!!!!

  2. Thanks lady! And yes it was VERY difficult to return this rental...


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