Breakfast In Bed with Casper

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

I'm in the market for a new mattress and that made me realize…I've never shopped for a mattress before. My parents have always supplied the mattress in my room and I just took it with me when I moved out. The mattress I have now I actually bought off another blogger when I moved back to DC.

I had heard of a brand called Casper; essentially a startup company that sold mattresses online. Casper has made it their business to make mattress shopping fun and personal, to the tune of $20million dollars in 10 months. 

When I got invited to the Casper "Snooze Bar" pop-up I was excited that my first grown-up mattress shopping experience didn't have to be in an dingy mattress store with creepy sales people. The Snooze Bar offered lattes from Compass Coffee, a waffle bar and even cocktails if that was your early morning poison. The best part were the tents where you could take a 30 minute snooze and test out the Capser mattresses. 

For around $850 for a Queen size mattress the product is well priced and comes with free delivery. Its also made in the USA, which is a nice feature, and is made of a unique blend of three different types of memory foam creating a supportive base that keeps you slightly cooler at night and makes sure a spring is never poking you in the back.

If you're in the San Francisco area the Snooze Bar is heading your way June 10-14 so make sure you sign up and let them know you heard about the event on this blog! You'll even get a fun pillowcase to take home, screen printed on the spot by Mesh Prints.


  1. That event sounds like a really fun way to mattress shop! Doesn't it make you feel like such a grown-up to pick out your own furniture? :)
    Is that your new Banana leather jacket? Love the quilting on the shoulders.

    1. Thanks lady! Yes when I purchased a real sofa a few months back I was furniture shopping makes me excited...clearly I've become a grown up! And yes...that's my new BR leather jacket. More details on the new BR in today's post!


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