WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

Over the weekend REI- a brand that sells camping gear- created a whimsical pop-up campsite to celebrate the launch of their new line evrgrn

What's fun about the evrgrn range is that its just as useful at a music festival (or one of those fancy condo rooftops) as it is in the woods. Since I'm not much for roughing it its the other uses of the evrgrn items that would make me wander into the new REI store (scheduled to open Fall 2016) across from the NOMA-Gallaudet metro station at Uline Arena.

The evrgrn line includes seat cushions with space to conceal carry a few beers into Jazz in the Garden and wearable sleeping bags perfect for catching a movie under the stars or waiting in line for the new iPhone release. 

I'm always threatening to rent a Yurt and go I can just set up camp in my backyard!

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