5 Best Beauty Products for Winter at Target

Winter is coming...although not this weekend as its going to be 70 degrees in DC on Saturday, but its will sneak up on you so lets be prepared. Here are my picks for the 5 best beauty products available at Target to winterize your skin. 


$13 (16 oz)

I've been using CeraVe Moisturizing Cream as a body lotion for the last month. Its thick and is well absorbed by the skin, but isn't greasy. It also doesn't have a scent so you can layer it under your perfume or use it with your body wash. I found it moisturizing all day and felt like $13 for a 16 oz jar (think 2-3 body butters stacked) is a great value. Works just as well as the body butter I was buying at $20 for less than 7oz.

BONUS USE: Hand Cream; scoop some out into a small container and keep it in your purse or at your desk as a hand cream.


$5 (1.75 oz)

I love Aquaphor as a hand cream. It's almost medical grade moisture for dry skin in winter. I think it's original use was diaper rash cream for babies and who doesn't want their hands as soft as a babies bottom? 

BONUS USE: Lips; Aquaphor comes in a dual pack of travel sized tubes. These are great for deep lip moisture on a cold morning waiting at the bus stop or walking the dog. Also this stuff is amazing to slather on your feet before bed!


Apple Cider Vinegar
$6.24 (5 oz.)

My biggest issue with my hair in the wintertime is actually not my hair at all, it's my scalp. It gets dry and itchy and my solution to that has been adding oils, creams and sprays. But I realized that loading on products to stop the dryness was only loading my scalp with gunk. The solution that's worked for me has been clearing my scalp of all irritants by rinsing with a mixture of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water. 

I fill a water bottle with 1/3 ACV and 2/3 water and take it into the shower with me when I do my daily co-wash (washing with conditioner only); and when its time to rinse out my conditioner I use the solution. You can also just rinse off your hair with this and dry without using product. It works by restoring the PH of your scalp.

BONUS USE: Drink it! Two tablespoons in a glass of water (with honey because it doesn't taste all that great) can get rid of bad breath and lower your blood sugar.


Vitamin E Oil
$8 (2.5 oz)

Even if you're using a great hand cream like Aquaphor your nails and cuticles can use a little TLC in wintertime. Vitamin E oil is great to rub directly into bare nail beds and massage on to cuticles several times throughout the day. Our hands become so dry in winter and to avoid getting sick we are washing our hands more often. You especially want to rub some on before bed, the oil will prevent your cuticles from splitting. If you don't have time or interest in rubbing oil on your nails all day try soaking your nails in Vitamin E oil for 20 minutes then wiping them off with a warm moist washcloth. 

BONUS USE: You can use a dime size amount and rub into your scalp, but don't use too much it can be a bit thick and you don't want to clog your pores.


Photo Credit: Boxed Water

$1-2 (In-store only)

It seems like we can remember to drink plenty of fluids in the summer, because we are all afraid of dehydration when its hot outside; but what about winter makes us forget to load up on H2O? One of the best things we can do for ourselves in winter is to flush our systems with plenty of water. It will get us cold and flu season without getting sick and our skin will glow from all of the moisture. 

My favorite way to trick myself into drinking more water is by making the water an accessory. These cute cartons of boxed water cost $1-2 depending on whether you buy the size that fits in your purse or a slightly bigger one and can be found in-store at Target.

BONUS USE: They are great conversation starters, whenever I carry boxed water around people stop me and asking me about it. Also they photograph really well so make sure to take a box water selfie...its sure to get plenty of likes on Instagram!

Thank you to Target for sponsoring this post!
These items are all in my home and were purchased with my own money prior to Target reaching out to me.

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