Putting Some Peplum in your Step!

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

top & shirt: J.Crew | pants: Talbots

photos by: Rosa Loves DC

Why do I still shop at J.Crew? It's one of those stores that gets me with its marketing, even though I know full well they are not talking to me. All I ever need to know about J.Crew is Jenna Lyons. She's an extremely tall, extremely thin, extremely waspy white woman and J.Crew is a store full of clothing tailored to fit her. 

That said, the folks over at "The Crew" have been pumping out overly styled catalogs - that look more like travel guides - since way before Jenna graduated from Parsons. In fact, I'd venture to say that many a blogger (this one included) borrow heavily from the strong artistic direction of the early J.Crew catalogs that showed fresh faced women on holiday in chunky cable knit sweaters or neon shorts surrounded by breathtaking backdrops all over the world.

I got a degree in Journalism, specializing in Magazine Editing, so I could scout locations and set up shots (like the ones that give me temporary amnesia about the fact that J.Crew clothes don't fit my body) every time the catalog arrives. 

So as usual I popped in to see what J.Crew had to offer and walked out with this ill-fitting peplum top in a beautiful shade of blue - which I might have to adopt as my new signature color - and this adorable button up shirt that is whimsically stripped with tiny polka dots. The peplum top is boxy and therefore runs extremely large (I'm wearing a Medium) and it also has a very short torso so the peplum doesn't skim my hips as its supposed to. The button up shirt I had to go a size up (I'm normally a 6 and I'm wearing an 8) because my shoulders are too broad, but look how much fun I'm having wearing this outfit! 

J.Crew is a fun store. I've worked as a stylist at the Santa Monica, CA location and I love seeing what creative twist on the classics they'll come up with next. So I keep going in there, buying their offerings, wearing them, realizing they don't flatter me, but I'm having so much fun anyways. I eventually donate or resell the pieces I purchase...wait a season or two and do it all over again. C'est la vie... No regrets!


  1. Girl, you're KILLIN' this look! I'm always looking for ideas on what to wear to the office.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on j-crew! I loved reading. ��

    1. Thanks so much Phoebe! I love getting all gussied up for a fun night out on the town, but let's face it...we spend most of our lives at work so might as well figure out how to look cute there!

  2. Girl I feel you. I don't pay much attention to J.Crew anymore because they're so expensive in my opinion so I don't even bother looking. Such a bummer because some stuff I love! You are rocking this outfit though - love the bright blue on you!


    1. Thanks girl! J.Crew has quietly introduced something called Freak Out Pricing so a few of their items are reasonably priced. They really do have the best marketing and catalogs though so they keep me coming back.

  3. Such a hilarious post! I think the top looks adorable on you. Somehow I didn't realize until just now that you also had a blog (thought it was just IG) - congrats on keeping this going for so many years; its a lot of effort!!


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