The Half Tuck

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

Outfit via Trunk Club

(Hurry...these pieces are 25% off)

photos by: Rosa Loves DC

Fall's here, its official. This summer I used the Trunk Club at-home personal shopping services and I really enjoyed the ease of finding new pieces for my wardrobe without schlepping to the mall a million times. Now that the seasons have changed I wanted to get some fall pieces into the rotation. I went into the Trunk Club's DC clubhouse for an in-real-life shopping appointment with my virtual stylist Dana James. We had SO.MUCH.FUN. The champagne flowed freely and so did the girltalk, but there were also tons of men in the clubhouse getting fitted for suits - so the eyecandy didn't hurt! 

I went home with this outfit: a pair of Frame denim jeans and this perfectly sheer blouse from Theory. This is now my go-to look for brunch with my girls or a first date. Dana also shared a Trunk Club trend with me...the half tuck. The secret is to unbutton the last button and tuck in only one side of the front of your shirt. It also helps to have a really well tailored shirt with a slightly longer hem in the back than the front. Have you tried the half tuck yet? Post your best #halftuck look on social media and use the hashtag #wiwt3 (What I Wore: tip to toe!)


  1. Love your finds--especially that sheer blouse! (Only seen the half-tuck with the front tucked in and back not...)

    1. Thanks! This top is the perfect amount of sheer...leaving something to the imagination ya feel me? And yes this half-tuck in the front was new to me; I also have only seen the tuck in the front & out in the back. Learn something new every day!

  2. Ummm - LOVE THIS LOOK! You've mastered the half tuck. I love that top - oh the many ways to wear it!!



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